• Pasqualino Mazza

    Pasqualino Mazza worked for Microsoft as a top account executive for over ten years. He at least doubled his quota in 5 of the last five years.


    Pasqualino Mazza has a son who is two years old that means the world to him. Pasqualino Mazza is a self-help junkie. He reads a book a week and has a mastermind group. They meet weekly to discuss their goals, go over the book of the week, and their take always.


    He always listens to podcasts and learns as much as he can every day. Pasqualino Mazza was born on November 24, 1989, and was raised in Toronto, Ontario. He is of Italian and Greek descent. Pasqualino Mazza i

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    Personal improvement is essential to a happy, healthy, and productive life. Pasqualino Mazza is a self-proclaimed self-help junkie focused on personal development. His experience as a former top account executive for Microsoft, as well as experience in numerous other sectors, has led him to...
    Pasqualino Mazza has a long and varied background in business and entrepreneurship. He served as a leading account executive for Microsoft for over a decade and doubled his quota during the last half of that period. Today, Pasqualino Mazza is moving into land development and commercial real...
    With over a decade of valuable experience helping ambitious individuals, promising businesses, families, and more create a holistic cycle of wealth and abundance to enjoy for years to come, Pasqualino Mazza is a trailblazer in venture capital investment. Pasqualino Mazza’s expertise has benefited...
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    Dolphin Film Company

    Web Design, Video Production

    Jun - Aug 2014

    Dolphin came to us for help with producing an amazing video portfolio to present at a national film festival. We even upgraded their website design!

    Charter Consignment Inc.

    Designer, Decorator

    Jun 2009 – Present

    Charter runs a clean little consignment shop. We spruced up their brand assets and built a few high-impact marketing campaigns.

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